Edwin Poots MLA and Deputy Mayor of Lisburn.

Representing the Constituancy of Lagan Valley on issues such as Education, Health, Council, Policing, Electricity, Flooding, Housing, Planning, Transport, Roads, Social Security and Benefits.

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  • Edwin Poots with Phillip McCallen

    Edwin Poots MLA and Phillip McCallen
  • Edwin Poots MLA and City Council

    Edwin Poots MLA City Council
  • Edwin Poots MLA presents Water Sports Award

    Edwin Poots MLA Sports Award
  • Edwin Poots MLA and Deputy Mayor of Lisburn

    Edwin Poots MLA Lisburn
  • Cllr Jenny Palmer, Mayor Allan Ewart, Alan Clarke and Edwin Poots at a recent exhibition in Bow Street, Lisburn, to highlight war years.

    Edwin Poots Exhibition War Years
Recent Key Speeches

2015-06-30 Budget (No. 2) Bill | Executive Committee Busine…

I thank the Member for giving way. I hear all that you are saying. However, the reality is that, in effect, we are not taking one single additional penny from the Westminster Government. What we are actually doing is dipping in to the Health, Education, DSD, DRD and every other Departments' budgets and putting it into a subsidised welfare system that is not available anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

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2015-06-22 Justice Bill | Executive Committee Business

I welcome the opportunity to make the winding-up speech on this issue. It has been a useful debate. Nonetheless, I do not think that we should be in this situation. I think that, if the Department of Justice had had a mind to move things forward, we could have been in a much better place a long time ago, but it has been dragging its feet, and, as a result, it was necessary to bring the issue to the table by lodging the amendments that we are debating this afternoon.

Mr Lyttle took the liberty of speaking for Mr Dickson. Had I brought Hansard with me and read Mr Dickson's questions, which were raised in a very negative way, and the comprehensive answers that were given to Mr Dickson — it would have been useful if Mr Lyttle had read those before he spoke — he would have seen that every issue that Mr Dickson raised with BASC, the Countryside Alliance and the guild was dealt with comprehensively. Mr Lyttle referred to the Deer Society, as did the Minister, as if that organisation had credibility: it has something like 25 members. The other organisations that we are talking about have a membership of a quarter of a million. So the Alliance Party may hang its hat on some organisation that operates out of a roof space with one man and his dog. We are listening to the people who know the sport and act very responsibly.

Somebody referred to sporting achievements, David Calvert and so forth. I have often heard it said after the Commonwealth Games, "Typical Northern Ireland; they're good at the fighting and the shooting, aren't they?" Normally, boxing and shooting do very well. Both those sports take young people and teach them responsibility at a very early point in life. Both those sports deserve respect for the work that they do with young people. There are few accidents with guns — they can happen, and they can be lethal — because young people are taught responsibility. This is a lethal weapon; this is how you must handle this weapon; and you must always treat it with the outmost respect and care. If we had the same responsibility when our young people are being taught to drive as we have instilled into them when they are taught how to use a firearm, we would be in a better place. I see that the Minister of the Environment, who has responsibility for road safety, is here.

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2015-06-22 Justice Bill | Executive Committee Business

That is absolutely right. The Alliance Party and the Minister are perfectly entitled to take the position that they have adopted on young people using firearms. Indeed, I believe that Sinn Féin is opposed to reducing the age for young people to use firearms — a somewhat peculiar position for Sinn Féin. Nonetheless, we are perfectly comfortable with the legal use of firearms for hunting, shooting clay pigeons and so forth. They are entitled to take that position, and we are entitled to put forward our position. I understand that there is a technicality. Minister Ford quoted the legislation. The interesting word, when he was referring to 14-year-olds having to be supervised by a person aged at least 21, was "or"; it was not "and/or". The reality is that the two pieces of legislation could run concurrently, and there could be two systems in place. We might not choose to push this to a vote today — that remains to be seen — but, in theory, the two pieces of legislation could run concurrently, and two different standards could be set. It would be awkward and require some tidying up at a later stage, but it could be done. I am glad that there was a degree of qualification on the banded system. I know that Mr McGlone has one further query and might wish to raise it now

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