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    Edwin Poots MLA and Phillip McCallen
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Recent Key Speeches

2014-09-30 Kincora Boys’ Home | Private Members' Busi…

As a young man growing up, I remember hearing rumours about Kincora and about the various inquiries into Kincora.  The truth is that there was a cover-up of what happened at Kincora.  The truth was never properly told, and the victims of abuse in Kincora deserve the truth.  It is as simple as that.  I find many things disgusting, but one thing that I find particularly repellent is any individual thinking that they have the right to harm a child, to abuse a child, to interfere with a child and to destroy that child. I recently met a young man who had been a victim in Rubane, which we heard a little about yesterday in the Hart inquiry.  Lives are not destroyed just at the time; they are destroyed for good in so many instances.  The harm that is done to a young person or a child by the perpetrators — the evil, twisted perverts — will live with them throughout their life.

When I look at the findings of the Terry report, I think that, if they were not so terrible, they would be laughable.  Sir George Terry could have come to his conclusions only as a result of cover-up, whitewash and sham. Surely the lives that have been impacted on, harmed and damaged as a consequence of the evil, twisted practices of individuals deserve better than that.  We all know that, where there is vulnerability, there will be perpetrators.  There is nobody more vulnerable than young people who have lost their family and been put into homes and other services.  That is why we must be so careful in protecting those young people.  We must ensure that they receive the appropriate care from the appropriate people.  That is work that we are always learning about. Very often, where you have vulnerable young people, you will have powerful people instigating the perpetration.  I have absolutely no doubt that powerful people were involved in what was going on in Kincora.  That is why we did not get the truth in the 1980s, even though every piece of evidence was pointing in a particular direction.  That is why it is important that we get the truth now.

Kincora was not the only place.  Abuse took place in the republican movement, and leading families, such as the Adams family, the Cahill family and the Meehan family, largely got away scot-free as well. It is not just about Kincora or Rubane and the Catholic Church; it goes much broader than that.  Powerful people have used their power to abuse the vulnerable.  That is something that we must always be very conscious of.  In this instance, it has been alleged that people of great seniority in the security services and other places abused the trust that they had in order to victimise those young people.  We owe it to those young people to do our utmost to find the truth.  That is why we should ensure that the inquiry led by Fiona Woolf includes Kincora.  Lord Justice Hart does not have adequate powers at this stage to dig deep enough into the issue, and that is why we would like to take it further.  It is incumbent on the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to respond positively to what she hears in the House and, more importantly, to what she hears from the victims of this terrible crime.

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2014-09-30 Nitrates Directive | Oral Answers to Questions

What steps are taken to ensure that the people carrying out the inspections actually know what they are doing?  I wrote to the Minister recently about a case where the gentleman had soil stored and people mistook it for chicken manure.  That soil has now been used, as soil, by another Department for its facility.  Can we have people who know what they are doing when they carry out inspections?

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2014-09-30 Disadvantaged Communities | Oral Answers to Ques…

4. asked the Minister for Social Development what his Department is doing to assist the many communities that need support and work in disadvantaged areas that fall outside the neighbourhood renewal zones and lots of other catch-alls, albeit that much good work is happening in those communities. (AQT 1524/11-15)

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